See many of the innovative solutions

See many of the innovative solutions

BKP Berolina Gmbh & Co KG.

Stand 25

BKP Berolina Polyester GmbH & Co. KG from Velten near Berlin, Germany, is a manufacturer of liners for trenchless pipe rehabilitation and pipe protection coatings based on composite materials.

Sewer rehabilitation companies can use the Berolina-Liner to renovate pipe sections in need of rehabilitation within one working day for the next 50 years. Complex excavations are avoided, the disruption to infrastructure is minor and short-term, and significantly less CO2 is emitted – also in comparison to other rehabilitation methods. With more than 25 years of experience, BKP provides you with the highest product quality and flexibility, help you plan your construction project and conduct product training.

In 2021, BKP Berolina together with Oxeon AB from Borås, Sweden, launched CarboSeal®, the first relining solution for district heating pipes. By avoiding excavation, the carbon footprint of producing, installing and refilling is reduced by at least 90%. Instead of digging up streets, existing manholes or small trenches can be used to renew the network. The minimal impact on activities overhead makes it easy to replace even the most challenging pipes under roads with heavy traffic, rail lines, or water. Cumbersome and lengthy processes to apply for permits and plan for digging up streets are history. The process to replace old pipes can now be done in weeks rather than years.


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Bodenbender GmbH

Stand 20

The AIRBAGLINER® is a world-renowned product from Bodenbender, trusted by thousands of users worldwide. In addition to this top-class calibration hose, the German company offers other high-quality solutions for trenchless renovation. For example, Bodenbender restoration resin – an epoxy that is specially manufactured for sewer systems.

Bodenbender also offers sophisticated systems for partial and inlet renovation. Recent development work has focused in particular on in-house renovation (DN30-300) and manhole renovation.

Most solutions are DIBt certified. We will convince you.


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Channeline International

Stand 7

For over four decades, Channeline has been a global leader in the custom design and manufacture of high-quality, fully structural GRP lining systems for the trenchless rehabilitation of existing sewers, tunnels, culverts, stormwater, and other buried structures.

With a worldwide presence in over 20 countries, we offer turnkey, innovative solutions for our clients, consultants, and contractors from design to installation.



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IMPREG. More than 20 years of experience. We are the standard for trenchless pipe & sewer rehabilitation. We make the impossible possible.

We develop and produce future-oriented CIPP liner systems and even master the largest dimensions & highly complex remits up to DN 2000. We ensure the highest quality while acting resource-saving and sustainable.

Our motto: Being the best in whatever we do.

With Jack Talbott and his more than 15 years of experience as a contractor installing liners, we are ready to support you for all type of site requirements.

On top we offer site support and fast delivery of IMPREGLiners up to DN2000 straight from our production in Germany.

A decision to use the IMPREGLiner is a decision for the overall success of your company.

The advantages of the proven IMPREG products, the flexibility of the company & the professional skills of the employees are a reliable guarantee of growth and continuity.


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PE100+ Association

Stand 15

Founded in 1999, the PE100+ Association comprises 15 producers of high quality PE100 pipe compounds that are located in Europe and Asia.

It is supported by an Advisory Committee of non-affiliated independent experts whom all have many years of experience in different parts of the PE pipe value chain.

The aims of the association are to assure consistently high quality in the production and application of PE 100+ pipe materials, thereby helping to create trust in high quality PE materials globally. They undertake technical studies and also promote the use of PE pipe systems in appropriate applications, including trenchless technology.

A key focus is on providing end users with technical information and support in the design and installation of such systems. The regular testing of pipes by an independent 3rd party demonstrates the performance of the materials produced by its members and the association’s website, www.pe100plus.com is a leading source of information for end users.


PE100 Association

Rädlinger Primus Line GmbH

Stand 18

Primus Line® technology is used for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressurised pipelines (Primus Line® Rehab) and for the construction of freely layable pipelines (Primus Line® Overland Piping). It is a safe, reliable and sustainable solution, produced in Germany and used worldwide.


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Reinert-Ritz GmbH

Stand 16

We as Reinert-Ritz GmbH are one of the leading manufacturers of hollow rods up to 2800mm and solid rods up to 1650mm. These are manufactured in over 200 dimensions, preferably from polyethylene and polypropylene of the highest quality, and form the basis for a wide range of fittings for gas and water supply, rising main, etc.

One of our special products is the Quick-Pig station. The complete Quick-Pig station is made of high-quality PE100 plastic, which is known for its high sustainability.

Another highlight that makes the station so unique is that no manhole is required, as the product is designed for normal underground installation, which means that all work can be carried out by just one contractor.

This eliminates many of the renovation costs that you would incur with a manhole. In addition, as already mentioned, the Quick-Pig Station is operated from the street level, which will ensure the safety of your employees and also faster and more user-friendly work.

Our latest feature is a combination of the pigging station with an airvalve.

So, you can see the Quick-pig station as an upgrade to your system that gives you quick access to your rising main and allows you to do a lot of work safely (inspect, CCTV, pig, etc.)


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Tracto-Technik GmbH & Co. KG

Stand 9

TRACTO is a co-founder, designer and innovator of trenchless technology.

Headquartered in Lennestadt-Saalhausen, Germany, the company develops, produces and markets machines and accessories for trenchless pipe installation and renewal.

The resource-saving and sustainable NODIG technology is used for the construction of pipe infrastructures for water, gas, electricity, telecommunications, e-mobility and district heating, for fibre optic networks, pipeline construction and sewage disposal.

Customers for these innovative systems are mainly in the civil engineering and underground construction sectors, but also include utilities and network operators.

Since its foundation in 1962, TRACTO has developed numerous groundbreaking trenchless solutions and is today the world’s only full-range supplier of trenchless technology.

With offices throughout Germany and sister companies in Switzerland, the UK, France, Australia, Africa and the USA, the company has around 700 employees worldwide.

Anne Knour
T +49 2723 808-177
M +49 170 2706436


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Uhrig Kanaltechnik GmbH

Stand 6

Quick-Lock – More than just a repair method for trenchless sewer rehabilitation.

The UHRIG Quick-Lock system is much more than just a repair method. The patented Quick-Lock-System based on compression and the durable materials 1.4404 stainless steel and EPDM has proven itself in the renovation of pipes over many years.

In addition to the classic application as a repair method in sewer rehabilitation, the Quick-Lock system is also used for connecting pipe liner systems, wells and for rehabilitating walkable sewers.

The Quick-Lock system has been successfully used for 30. years now as a repair method for closed sewer rehabilitation. The basis of our development and production is quality and sustainability.

Positive long-term experience from customers and Quick-Lock users worldwide also guarantees you pipe rehabilitation of the highest level with Quick-Lock.

We sell the patented Quick-Lock system worldwide thru our Quick-Lock Certified Partners.


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